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Yippee for Me!

March 27, 2006

So as you can see my posts are now showing up correctly with the proper formatting and more than a single word per line. Unfortunately, to do this I am having to write the html myself and that means I have no spell-checker. So I apologize in advance for any ridiculous typos or coding errors. I’m learning html as I go on this and it may take me a while to learn to do it all correctly and actually be able to inlcude links or images. Other than that, yippee for me learning to overcome the horrible rich text editor in wordpress!


Rant about Stupidity # 1

March 27, 2006

So this is my first rant about stupidity. I promise it will be one of many.

Why is it necessary to force people to listen to your poor taste in music? I don't understand people's compulsion to show off their music that they are playing, whether it is in your car or on your iPod. If I wanted to listen to really bad club music I would go to a club or go play DDR. I wouldn't go to the Whataburger drive-thru. If you have the music on your iPod up so loud that I can hear it walking past you, there are a couple of problems. First of all, you most likely have it above halfway, which has shown to cause severe and permanent hearing loss. Second, I am forced to turn my music up in return so I can block out the abomination that you are listening to. So would everyone just have some common courtesy and turn down the volume of your music so that you are the only one subjected to it? Thank you.


Sorry for the lack of updates

March 26, 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have had problems with wordpress lately and haven't been able to sign in and when I can it doesn't format correctly. I have a couple of posts completed and I'm waiting to get those problems fixed before posting. Thanks for being patient


My Two Cents on the Abortion Debate

March 20, 2006

So I guess this is a great place to finally chime in with my opinion of the South Dakota abortion ban.  Most people think I am pro-life and to an extent, I guess I am.  I don’t think abortion should be a form of birth control or for those that are just being irresponsible.  However, in cases of rape, incest, or the mother’s life being in danger I am for a woman having the option of terminating the pregnancy should she want to.  I don’t know what polarized camp this puts me in.  I disagree with most of the “pro-choice” groups in that they advocate it more as a woman’s right to decide if she wants to put up with a pregnancy.  I’m sure this is not the belief of some of their members, but that is the message they tend to send out.  These reasons are never well defended, except in very selfish terms (in most cases).  However, I adamantly disagree with so many pro-life groups too.  As stated before, I believe in exceptions and I also very much agree with contraception, including EC.  EC is not an abortofacient since it prevents implantation and thus the woman was never pregnant.  Despite claims that life begins at conception, pregnancy does not begin until implantation.  Eggs often are fertilized and do not implant, thus pregnancy begins at implantation.  So where do I fall?

I believe that until people are more educated and take responsibility for their actions, abortion will occur and will be necessary in some cases.  I have yet to figure out why conservative groups so adamantly disagree with comprehensive sex education.  It’s not as if they are going to teach your kids to have sex.  Studies have shown that abstinence pledges do not work for a large majority of people.  They may delay sex, but they are more likely to engage in risky behaviors and not use condoms or oral contraceptives.  Abstinence will not work for everyone and so we need the education for those that will have sex.  Plus, everyone will (hopefully) have sex at some point in his or her life.  Birth control is not just something single people use.  Comprehensive sex ed may help prevent the pregnancies in the first place, thus preventing the abortions.  

The South Dakota abortion ban does not allow for abortions in cases or rape or incest and I believe that these are two exceptions that should always be allowed for.  I don’t think that this ban will do anything except punish the poor.  South Dakota currently has one abortion provider in the entire state.  There are ~ 770,000 people in SD, the median household income is less than $36,000 per year, and over 13% of people are living below the poverty line.  Abortions are already difficult for low-income women to get since the location of the abortion and the costs are prohibitive.  If the ban goes into effect, only those who can afford to leave the state will be able to receive abortions.  The number of abortions in SD may drop, but artificially since people will leave the state to get them.  

So there’s my opinion.  What do you think?


The GRE is slowly sucking away my soul

March 19, 2006

I started studying for the GRE today and realized a few things.

  • The verbal section should be fabulous for me since it has analogies and antonyms. These were two of my strongest parts on the SAT and I went through a practice test and only missed 1 in these two categories.
  • The math section may not be as bad as I thought. The comparisons are the one part of SAT math that I didn’t totally suck at. I can usually at least figure out which is greater, even if I can’t solve for an exact answer.
  • I have a lot of reviewing to do for the math section. I have forgotten so much of my algebra and geometry due to lack of practice. I will be relearning all the equations and graphing stuff that I worked so hard to learn the first time around.

Studying for this test is going to take so much time, but thankfully not a lot of money. I have the texts I need to review and the test prep books weren’t too terribly expensive. I was somewhat worried about needing a prep course for this. I do not have $1000 to shell out for Kaplan or Princeton Review, so the fact that I can do this on my own is reassuring. It’s time to get back to my books. So much for a relaxing end to the semester.


The future looms before me

March 19, 2006

So I still haven’t nailed down a job for the summer. I am still talking with some families to get details on the job and what they would expect of me. The families I’m talking to are in Spain, Canada, and the US. The US families are spread out all over, from Connecticut to Florida, Minnesota to Washington. I’m hoping for the ones in Spain or Canada so I can get a new experience for the summer, but I will be happy no matter where I go. My only requirement at this point is that there are no more than five kids (and that’s only if the parent is staying at home) and that I won’t go into debt to go. Anything will be better than last summer and I need a good break from school before starting senior year.

As for after senior year, I am still freaking out about grad school. I need to go ahead and take the GRE so I can retake it if necessary. Moreover, I only have until December 15 to get in all my applications. That doesn’t give me much time once the fall semester begins to get that all decided. I have so many options for grad school, but I’m not even sure where I have a good shot of getting in. Political Science is a popular department and what I want to do is very specialized. I need to find a school where there are faculty interested in what I want to research and that’s getting difficult. The one program I found that is exactly what I want is ridiculously expensive ($47,000/year) and they don’t offer fellowships. Plus, my degree wouldn’t be in political science, it would be international studies. I am so confused and need to decide what I’m doing. Arghhh!

I almost forgot, I also have to apply for RUSP in the next 2 weeks. I need a professor to sponsor me and I have to be accepted in the program. Hopefully, my prof from Comparative Legislatures will agree to sponsor me. The experience in independent research will definitely help in grad school admissions. Oh well, I must live in the present and quit worrying about the future or I’ll give myself ulcers.


My First Post

March 19, 2006

So I decided that I needed a place where I could write about things other than my everyday life, and livejournal just didn’t seem like the place to do that. I’m going to still write about my life here, but I will also comment on books, movies, and news. If you have any suggestions for entries, just drop me a line and I’ll get on it. This is a horrible first entry, but I needed to get it over with. So welcome to wordpress!