The future looms before me

March 19, 2006

So I still haven’t nailed down a job for the summer. I am still talking with some families to get details on the job and what they would expect of me. The families I’m talking to are in Spain, Canada, and the US. The US families are spread out all over, from Connecticut to Florida, Minnesota to Washington. I’m hoping for the ones in Spain or Canada so I can get a new experience for the summer, but I will be happy no matter where I go. My only requirement at this point is that there are no more than five kids (and that’s only if the parent is staying at home) and that I won’t go into debt to go. Anything will be better than last summer and I need a good break from school before starting senior year.

As for after senior year, I am still freaking out about grad school. I need to go ahead and take the GRE so I can retake it if necessary. Moreover, I only have until December 15 to get in all my applications. That doesn’t give me much time once the fall semester begins to get that all decided. I have so many options for grad school, but I’m not even sure where I have a good shot of getting in. Political Science is a popular department and what I want to do is very specialized. I need to find a school where there are faculty interested in what I want to research and that’s getting difficult. The one program I found that is exactly what I want is ridiculously expensive ($47,000/year) and they don’t offer fellowships. Plus, my degree wouldn’t be in political science, it would be international studies. I am so confused and need to decide what I’m doing. Arghhh!

I almost forgot, I also have to apply for RUSP in the next 2 weeks. I need a professor to sponsor me and I have to be accepted in the program. Hopefully, my prof from Comparative Legislatures will agree to sponsor me. The experience in independent research will definitely help in grad school admissions. Oh well, I must live in the present and quit worrying about the future or I’ll give myself ulcers.


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