The GRE is slowly sucking away my soul

March 19, 2006

I started studying for the GRE today and realized a few things.

  • The verbal section should be fabulous for me since it has analogies and antonyms. These were two of my strongest parts on the SAT and I went through a practice test and only missed 1 in these two categories.
  • The math section may not be as bad as I thought. The comparisons are the one part of SAT math that I didn’t totally suck at. I can usually at least figure out which is greater, even if I can’t solve for an exact answer.
  • I have a lot of reviewing to do for the math section. I have forgotten so much of my algebra and geometry due to lack of practice. I will be relearning all the equations and graphing stuff that I worked so hard to learn the first time around.

Studying for this test is going to take so much time, but thankfully not a lot of money. I have the texts I need to review and the test prep books weren’t too terribly expensive. I was somewhat worried about needing a prep course for this. I do not have $1000 to shell out for Kaplan or Princeton Review, so the fact that I can do this on my own is reassuring. It’s time to get back to my books. So much for a relaxing end to the semester.


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