I’m stupid but lucky

April 17, 2006

Once again I fail at life, but luck gets me through. I, like the idiot I am, forgot that registration started today at 8 am and didn’t get up to register. Since I woke up with a migraine this morning I took some excedrin and went back to sleep. Then around 10:30 I sat straight up in bed realizing that I had forgotten to register. I frantically log onto Esther and find out that I only missed getting into one class, golf. The rest of the classes I wanted were still open and I was the first to register for some of them. I am so lucky! So here is what I am tentatively taking next semester:

Poli 315 Elections and Political Behavior (MWF 11-11:50)
Poli 432 Urban Policy Seminar (F 1:30-4:30)(which I may have to drop because of cheerleading)
Hart 280 History and Aesthetics of Film (Th 1-5)
Hart 482 Third World Cinema (T 1-5)
Econ 211 Intro to Economics (MWF 10-10:50)
Astr 221 Observing the Night Sky (T 7-8)
Rich 272 How to Buy a House/Invest in Real Estate (TBA)
Lpap 155 Intro to Ballet or Lpap 176 Self Defense for Women or Lpap 198 Nutrition and Fitness

It looks good for next semester. My earliest classes are 10 on MWF and 9:25 on TTh. Whoo hoo for a great senior year!


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