My (nonexistent) Love Life

April 20, 2006

I have been thinking about grad school a lot lately and my love life (which is nonexistent) is sadly intertwined with my grad school decisions. Wherever I choose to go to grad school will become my home for at least 5 years. If I focus on US-Canada relations and cooperation, then I will most likely be studying in Canada and will stay there after graduating at least for a few years. Since what I am interested in is so specialized, I doubt I will be able to get a job teaching at most US universities straight out of school. Unless I somehow write the world’s most amazing dissertation, I will need to stay in Canada teaching until I develop enough experience to get a job teaching in the US and creating courses in North American studies. So you are all wondering what this has to do with my love life, since that is the title of this post. Well, since I will be devoting my forseeable future to grad school and establishing myself in academia, when will I ever have time to pursue relationships or in the future, a family? If it takes me 6 years to complete grad school, then I will turn 28 soon after finishing. When will I have time for anything other than school? After I gain teaching experience I plan on returning to the US, hopefully Texas. If I were to meet someone in grad school, then they would most likely be Canadian. Would we be willing to consider anything long-term if it meant one of us would have to give up our home? I’m not sure I would be willing to permanently live outside the US. This puts a bit of a kink in my plans for the future. Why does the future keep looking scarier every minute?


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