I’m not a total failure at life

May 9, 2006

This year pretty much sucked for me, but the last month or so have made up for it. I made cheerleader, was appointed to UCourt, raised my GPA, and the political science department has approved me to write an honors thesis next year. So take that RUSP! Even without getting into RUSP I can get do an individual research project and hopefully get published. Plus, I get credit for a political science seminar. That means that I have even fewer classes left to finish up!

I’m hoping that I do well next year in all my classes, especially for my thesis. That way, I have an even better shot of getting into grad school. I have been studying for the GRE and it is taking much more time than I anticipated. Unfortunately I have forgotten even the most basic mathematic principles and they aren’t coming back to me without spending a lot of time practicing. Thankfully my top two schools don’t consider the GRE scores. I’m so excited for next year!


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