At least it’s over

May 13, 2006

So today and yesterday were two of the worst and most painful days of my life. Thankfully they are over and a nice long phone call made me feel better. I am a bit lost at the moment and don’t know where I’m headed, but maybe I’ll get my bearings over the summer and come back in the fall with a plan. Maybe there is no plan. Maybe I’m not supposed to know what the next 10 years hold. Either way, next year has to be better than this one has been. So to all the graduating seniors, congratulations and best wishes. For those of us continuing on, I wish you luck and happiness, wherever you might find it. Hopefully my best wishes for you all will rub off on me.


One comment

  1. Hey, I hope things start going a little better for you, and I hope you have a good summer.

    “Cato” and I have started our own political blog that I’d like you to check out. The URL is:
    http://www.politicaloverload.com 🙂

    Also, did you hear that Alexandria, VA is encouraging people to write-in DeLay for City Council? I thought you’d love that!


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