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Sorry for the lack of updates

July 1, 2006

I have been working in Maryland for 3 weeks now and haven’t had time to update or much to update about. I like my job most of the time, but sometimes it’s so frustrating that I consider sterilization. That sounds awful but it is true. Then I realize that my children would never act like this because they would know they wouldn’t get away with it. I know most people say that and don’t really mean it, but I do. I don’t condone poor behavior and I definitely don’t reward whining, temper tantrums, or disobedience. I have the weekend off and possibly the first few days next week. I haven’t decided if I will take them yet. Plus, my birthday is on Monday and I have no plans and no one to spend the day with since the only other person I know in this entire state (who’s actually here) refuses to return messages or phone calls. Well, I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens this weekend.