Rice is going bowling…

November 25, 2006

for the first time in 45 years!!! Today’s win over SMU clinches a bowl game for Rice. It also broke our little streak of having one point games at Rice Stadium. Now we just have to wait and see which bowl we’re headed to. I’m really hoping for the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth because it’s closer and I think that a lot more of our fans will come to a game in Fort Worth over New Orleans or Birmingham (especially over Christmas break).

On a side note, I can’t believe that I’m actually into football now. Well, college football at least. I actually watched an entire episode of Sports Center. This is very strange for me since I’ve always hated watching football. However, I’m still a much bigger basketball fan than I think I’ll ever be a football fan. Growing up when the Rockets were good made me love basketball. Growing up with the Oilers sucking made me hate football. It’s amazing what a winning season of Rice football can do.


Fashion Question

November 16, 2006

What color and style shoes can I wear with this dress? I bought it this summer at BCBG in Maryland (it was a steal) and I haven’t worn it yet. I’m going to wear it this weekend, but I don’t know what shoes to wear. HELP!!


The Last I Will Say About the Election

November 15, 2006

I’ve talked to a lot of people about the recent election and most of them seem surprised by my responses. I am very happy with the outcome of this election. I normally identify more with Republicans because I am a conservative (leaning little ‘l’ libertarian). However, in recent years the Republicans have lost touch with what they are supposed to be. They were supposed to be the party of smalll government. What happened to the Contract with America?

This time I was rooting for the Democrats. Since they won, the Republicans will be forced to make some changes if they want to have the slightest shot at winning the Presidential election in 2008 and win back their seats. They will have to back off of the borrow-and-spend mentality that has become so prevalent in the party. It’s really sad when Democratic candidates are bashing Republicans for increased spending during election season. I’m all for tax cuts and budget cuts, but the latter must come with the former. The amount of debt that this country has is absolutely outrageous! This is the reason I supported Charlie Stenholm back in 2004. He said (paraphrased because it’s been a couple of years) that he would rather be a tax-and-spend Democrat than a borrow-and-spend Republican. Granted, I think there are areas where we could significantly reduce the budget, but for everything else we need a way to pay for it. Not later, but now.

The Republicans under Bush have expanded the government like there were no consequences. Well, guess what? There are. You just lost your majority in both the House and Senate. In the next two years, the Republicans will have to distinguish themselves from the Democrats as the party of small government again to survive and I’m really looking forward to it.

Here are a couple of notes to everyone expecting the apocolypse with the Democrats having a majority in both houses: 1) they don’t have a super-majority in the Senate, which is needed to pass legislation or overrule a veto 2) nothing that is that major will actually become law because Bush can (and probably will) veto anything outrageous.


Sarah: The Medical Oddity

November 15, 2006

Some of you who know me have realized that I always end up with the strangest illnesses and injuries. How many people tear their meniscus walking through a parking lot? How many people tear their MCL because their dog ran into them? How many people get deQuervain’s Tenosynovitis? How many people have all of these problems before the age of 21? I’m willing to bet that not very many people besides me have these outrageous injuries and illnesses that I have had.

My dad just laughs now when I tell him the names of the medical problems I’ve had. I constantly annoy and confuse doctors and nurses with all of my allergies. Being allergic to four of the major antibiotic families is quite problematic. Half the time I end up spelling the names of my allergies to the poor receptionists or nurses. Having a latex allergy also poses some problems. Gloves, tourniquets, bandaids, and tape are just a few of the items made with latex used in doctors offices. Once they figure out my allergies and try and work around them, I have to burst their bubble and tell them I’m allergic to the adhesive in those non-latex cloth bandaids.

Sometimes I just wish that I could be normal. That I could fill out those medical history forms as quickly as most people my age. I wish that I didn’t have to use extra space to list all of my allergies on release forms for trips. I have an orthopedic surgeon who I’ve seen more than some members of my family. I have seen almost every kind of specialist there is for my various illnesses.

Why can’t I just be healthy for more than a few weeks or months at a time? I want to be one of those people who just goes to the doctor once a year for a physical. Why can’t I be one of those people?


Society’s Priorities

September 15, 2006

Today I joined the ranks of millions of Americans that I never thought I would join. I went to a tanning salon (I got the spray on fake tanner of course). (I figured that I might be on national television tomorrow that I wouldn’t want to look pale and pasty.) I must say that tanning salons are a much bigger business than I thought. Checking out my options online I found out that people are willing to pay thousands of dollars a year to look tan (and give themselves skin cancer). One would think that with all of the warnings about skin cancer people wouldn’t intentionally bake themselves in little ovens with stereo surround sound, but they do anyway. There were over a dozen large signs warning about the harmful affects of UV rays, but it doesn’t seem to deter people. As some of you may know, I am a devoted reader of Cosmopolitan magazine. It has some very interesting and witty articles and great fashion. One thing it has added in the last year is a strong stance against tanning (in the sun or in a salon). You would think that one of the highest selling magazines in the country might persuade its target demographic not to risk skin cancer. There was an entire issue this summer about the damage the sun (or sun lamps) can do to your skin. Even if cancer doesn’t develop, premature aging and wrinkling occurs. Human skin begins to look like leather. I personally do not tan at all anymore because I am already at an increased risk of skin cancer. I have had to have several abnormal moles biopsied in the last 2 years. Why society makes a year round tan desirable I understand. You look younger (until the wrinkles set in), you look healthier (until you have cancer), and you look slimmer (it’s just a trick of the eye). However, with all of the UV-free tanning options, why would you still choose to risk your health? Is a nice tan really worth that?

On another note, I think it speaks volumes about American society that Houston has 33 franchises of Darque Tan (one of the country’s largest tanning chains) and each location has over 20 tanning beds and is open 7 days a week from 8 am until 8 pm (11 pm M-F). Why would anyone need a tan at 10 o’clock at night?


Senior Year is Here

September 1, 2006

Since everyone has moved back and meeting the freshman, I’ve had to introduce myself as a senior. Until tonight it kinda gave me the chills to say it because it means more change and leaving Rice. I’ve realized though, that my time at Rice will be over soon and it will be time to move on. This isn’t the place for me any more. I still wonder if it ever was?


I’m still alive

August 17, 2006

The summer is over and I’m back on campus. I moved in this last weekend for cheer camp. I am exhausted and sore, but really looking forward to the year. I’m taking some great classes this semester and I’m getting to do my thesis. I absolutely love my topic and am looking forward to doing the research. Cheerleading is going to be fun, but very time consuming. The only thing I’m dreading is re-taking the GRE and doing all my grad school application stuff. I’m trying to figure out which professors I will ask for recommendation letters and where exactly I want to apply. So if there aren’t updates for a while, it is because I am ridiculously busy.