More Waiting

March 19, 2007

Since my last post I have received rejections from all of the other schools I applied to. That makes me 1-8, but I have applied to 3 more schools that accept late applications. Hopefully I will get into one of them because the school that accepted me gave me an awful funding package. I knew that they didn’t give out stellar funding, but this is ridiculous. When you take cost of living into account I would need to take out over $40,000 in loans to pay for the FIRST YEAR!!! They don’t give assistantships in the first semester, so I could possibly get one in the spring, but that won’t make much of a dent in the $40K. I could also get work-study, but even if I could manage a full-load AND an assistantship AND work study I would still be drowning in loans. So unless by some miracle they decide to offer me any additional funding I don’t see how I can accept. ARGHHH!!!! I finally get in and then they burst my bubble by giving horrible funding.

GRAD SCHOOL ADMISSIONS SUCK! but I’m told that it doesn’t get much better once you get in. Why did I want to go to grad school? Oh yeah, because I am a huge nerd who enjoys school and research far too much. Keep your fingers crossed that I get in to one of these last three places (hopefully with some funding– not likely).


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